Being too lazy to write his own bio, Gabe Kahn asked his wife to do it for him. This is what she came up with:

“Gabriel Kahn (‘Gabe’) lives in New York City with his son, Evan, his daughter, Orly and his wife, Amy. Amy is from Long Island and is a sheer delight. She’s pretty, smart, funny and a virtual encyclopedia of basketball knowledge! She works in television and is a fan of most shows and celebrities. Evan is three and simply adorable. One of his first words was ‘ball’ and he really enjoys playing, running and talking. He spends his days being cute and causing trouble at daycare. Orly likes throwing food and saying ‘hi’ to strangers on the subway while conspicuously attempting to steal their wallets. Gabe has brown hair.”

Seeing this, Gabe realized he should have just done it himself.

Gabe grew up just outside of Boston and, because of his aversion to money and all material things, decided to become a journalist. He has a BA from Brandeis University and an MS from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He writes about a variety of subjects, including social issues, politics, business/accounting, trends and popular culture. He has covered the Celtics for The Boston Globe and the Boston Metro, and served as the assistant editor of OT (Our Towns, Our Teams), the Globe’s acclaimed—but ultimately short-lived—weekly sports magazine.

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